Caribbean Berlin meets historical ball house (part 1)

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Caribbean Food Festival meets historical ball house

What have you guys done on mother’s day? Have you done anything fancy with your mom? Unfortunately I couldn’t spent time with my mom because she’s too far away. So I had enough time to enjoy a sunny day in Berlin with my best friend. Caribbean flair and vintage market. The best combination for me to enjoy a sunday with such an awesome weather.

Caribbean for lunch

For lunch we arranged to meet at Berlin Ostbahnhof, which was close to the location. Ok, it became a late lunch. I have a huge talent to dawdle and getting deflected. So I had to catch up my best friend at the Caribbean food market, which took place in front to the train station at Schillerbrücke, and it was crazy crowded. Across the street I saw a huge line of people, waiting to get in the location, to join the market. But why? In my opinion it was absolutely nonsense. The market was supposed to be without cover, so what I found out was nothing else than mismanagement. The reason why all the people waited about 30 minutes in front of the market, was, that they asked for a donation to keep activities like this running, and to put a stamp on our arms. That’s it. Ok, I’m really willing to donate an Euro to a nonprofit organization which keeps up with fancy events like this, but there was no reason for the stamp. On one hand I can really understand them to try to catch everybody and ask for a donation, but on the other hand they could have organized it more efficient. Caribbean, right? For me, the waiting time felt like the infamous 5 Hawaiian minutes or plenty of Hakuna Matata. 😉

karibisches Flair mitten in Berlin

Spreeviera Gallery

Caribbean Flair – YAAM 1 Love

The Caribbean food market area was YAAM Club & Beach bar. YAAM is taken for Young African Art Market, a society, which calls itself an established place for multicultural meeting and integration in Berlin with cultural, social sports and leisure opportunities since 1994, according to its website.

The YAAM area is a pretty colorful place to be. Painted walls with typical african pictures on bright yellow walls. Of course there must have been painted “Cool Runnings” in colorful capital letters on one of the walls, which was the front of the bar cot, which added a lot to our amusement. It seemed they borrowed each cliche to style the area related to the name YAAM. But if you’ve ever been in Africa, you’ll know that there is a some truth in many cliches, just like Germans are serious, and actually most of us are and it’s the reason for why we often don’t get the joke. We aren’t humorless, we just take the things too serious. It was so much fun to be there, like a short holiday without travelling that far.

Karibisches Essen Afro Küche Caribbean Food Berlin Afrika

Afro Küche beim Caribbean Food Market

African culinary delight

The first thing we did, right after we arrived, was heading to the foot cot with Ghanaian cuisine. Sweet potatoes, fried plantains and the smell of fried chicken and shrimps was magical. Do you remember those steam clouds, from old Mickey Mouse movies, which formed a hand to grab Mickeys nose and bring him to the kitchen? It was almost like that. Over here we had to wait again. Patience is a goodness – Which is for me almost unmanageable. But if you’re really hungry and there is no other chance you learn to handle it. At least we got two servings of “Green Peace” and to refresh two ginger beer. It was delicious. By the way, “Green peace” was a veggie plate with mixed vegetable rice, kinda baked beans, fried plantains, wedges and sweet potato fries with peanut sauce. But on our plate they forgot the fried plantains, poor Nika, but even though, it was kinda quad portion of carbs, so in the end, i was glad that there haven’t been fried plantains on top. It was plenty of food and sooooo good. If you ever like to enjoy a ginger beer over there, don’t drink it too fast, it’s really spicy, not really something to slake the thirst.

Sonne Sand Spree Berlin im Sommer

Spreeviera Walk

City beach walk

After the meal we followed the crowd, to explore the area. It dient seemed to be that big, but from the area where we ate, you can walk down the trail to a second spot close to the Spree with some sitting accommodations, a little shop with typical african stuff like pearl bracelets, drums and much more, also there had been another little bar to grab some drinks close to your seat.

The painting on the wall of the little bar pointed out, that there should be a beach. “BEACH” was painted on the wall with huge capital letters and an arrow, which pointed in direction of an small archway along a small trail along the Spree. And indeed, at the end of the trail opened up a beach spot. There had been beach chairs, a beach bar, where they offered cocktails, ice cream and exotic burgers. We walked through the sand to find a free spot, but it seemed to be hopeless to get one of those nice sunny spots on a beach chair and we haven’t been willing to take a seat in the “Kids Corner” next to the small soccer field. 😉 Additionally we had already planned to check out the “Old Fleas”.

Here you see my impressions i made during the day:

==> For part 2 about “Old Fleas the Vintage Market” –  click here

Have you been there as well? What kinda impressions have you made there? I would love to read about it, just drop a line below in the comments.

Yours Nika

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